Weston Hill

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Mason Lee 4 months

Name: Weston Hill

Date of Birth: 05/19/1998

Gender: Male

Personality and Alignments

Lawful good


Education. A high school diploma and a bachelor of science in criminal justice administration.
Hobbies. Hunts, Likes driving cars, has a expensive hobbies of buying guns and sports cars.

has a good relationship with most of the people that he works with and hangs out with them on a regular basis.

Weston Hill, born and raised in the vast landscapes of Texas, grew up with a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a sense of adventure. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in law enforcement, inspired by stories of justice and the pursuit of truth. After graduating high school with honors, he decided to pursue his passion for criminal justice at a renowned university.

Upon earning his degree, Weston was drawn to the idea of making a difference in the world, starting with his own community. He moved to El Reno and joined the El Reno Police Department (MPD), eager to apply his knowledge and skills to uphold the law. Weston quickly excelled in his role, showcasing dedication and a natural aptitude for the complexities of criminal justice.

Assigned to the MPD South Patrol, Officer Weston Hill faced the challenges of urban law enforcement with resilience and determination. His commitment to justice earned him the rank of Officer II, and he became a well-respected member of the force.

As life unfolded, Weston's interests diversified. His love for hunting was a nod to his Texas roots, providing him with an outlet to reconnect with nature. However, it was his passion for nice cars that added a touch of luxury to his life, becoming a way for him to unwind after long days on the job.

Despite his demanding career, Weston found another avenue to explore his interests. He transitioned to a new role at the New Malvern Armory, where he became a salesperson. This allowed him to share his knowledge of firearms while fostering relationships with fellow enthusiasts.

Outside of work, Weston was known for his willingness to spend on his hobbies. His collection of guns grew steadily, each one chosen with precision and care. He saw them not just as tools of the trade but as pieces of craftsmanship and art.

Weston Hill's life in El Reno was a blend of duty, adventure, and personal pursuits. Whether patrolling the streets or helping customers find the perfect firearm, he approached each task with the same dedication and enthusiasm that defined his character.

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