Vince McGarvey AGE: 35

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Character Overview 

Name: Vince McGarvey

Date of Birth: 09/06/1988

Gender: Male

Personality and Alignments 

  • Lawful good 


  • Responsible
  • Driven
  • Integrity  


  • Crippling Tobacco Addiction


Schooling: HD & Bachelors in phycology 

Baseball Coach for Community College 

4 Years In the United States Army


Mother: Diane McGarvey (Deceased)

Father: James McGarvey (Deceased)

Sister: Rachel Puckett (Deceased)

Brother: Ryan McGarvey (Deceased)

Friends: Alexander Menet, Carl Bruno, Jordan Daniels, William Schmidt


Vince McGarvey was born the youngest of of 3 children, By mother Diane McGarvey and Father James McGarvey. Vince was born September 6th, 1988 in the John Hopkins Hospital located in Baltimore, Maryland. Vince was born into a military family, With his father serving with the United States Air Force, and Mother serving in the United States Army as a nurse. Vince's siblings were not in the household, They lived with their grandparents in West Virginia as they were troubled mentality. Vince was a ordinary child, good in school, productive out side of school and a very respectful child. 


During Vince's junior year of high school in the month of May he was informed that his Brother Ryan had committed suicide, Following this event his Sister Rachel committed suicide some days later. Vince was lost as he did not know his siblings well but still loved them as family. Vince's Mother and Father were also very upset rightfully so. After Vince graduated high school he went to work on a farm in upper Maryland just south of PA. His father James was deployed to the middle east as a precaution to rebel groups. 4 Months into his deployment he was wounded and died in combat. After finding the news Vince was even more upset about his family members seeming to drop around him. To make matters worse his Mother Diane had then committed suicide following the fathers death.


Vince now with no support system and his family all passed on he took a leap of faith and enlisted in the United States Army to serve as a MP. Vince was state side most of his career and only going to Germany for a short period of time. After his contract was up Vince got out and began looking for what he wanted todo with his life. It was then he was presented the option to serve as a Law Enforcement Officer with the city of Baltimore his hometown. Vince put in 4 Years with Baltimore Police serving as a K9 Officer for the narcotics task force. During this time Vince was able to go to school and get a bachelors in Phycology. Though it was found that he only stayed in school because his teacher was a very attractive women.   Vince received a phone call some time after and his old friend from the Army Alexander Menet told Vince about the opportunity's out in a state called New Malvern. Vince made the leap of faith and moved out to New Malvern to continue a law enforcement career. Vince was hired onto the El Reno Police Department and served 8 Months of service before moving over to Capitol Police Division of NMDPS where he currently serves as a Patrol Officer. Vince also picked up a gig coaching some baseball at a community college in El Reno just like his father did back in the day.

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