Tiffany Lee

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Tiffany Lee 4 months

Name: Tiffany Lee
Date of Birth: 04/05/94
Gender: Female

Personality and Alignments :Chaotic evil

Mental/Physical Skills: High IQ

Weaknesses (Mental/Physical) Diagnosed Bipolar

Greatest Advantage: Loyal to husband and family

Ailments Addictions or Bad Habits: Recovering alcoholic

Phobias: Insects

Relationships: Married to Danny Lee. part of the Lee family

Backstory: Tiffany grew up in a rich family with her family in South Yorkshire.
Her parents were good friends with Danny Lee's mum so Tiffany and Danny grew up together. Tiffany's younger sister died in a car crash whilst in the car with her abusive boyfriend at the time, making Tiff go insane (which des not help considering her Bipolar disorder) Tiffany wanted revenge so after years of tracking down her sisters killer, she found him and brutally stabbed him 27 times.
All this also resulted in her becoming an alcoholic. Danny helped her with this and Tiffany is now recovered but still has PTSD/trauma.

Eventually the Lee's had the idea of moving to El Reno as they had a deal where if they moved they could sell firearms to the Cartel, the relationship with the Lee's and the Cartel grew and their wealth grew.


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