Tayvon Mitchell "Tayvo600"

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Character Overview 

Name: Tayvon Mitchell

Date of Birth:02-18-2004

Gender: Male

Personality and Alignments 


  • chaotic evil

Strengths and Weaknesses

Weaknesses: Aimless, Anger issues, Paranoid
Greatest Advantage: Street knowledge 
Greatest Vulnerability: Difficulty trusting others

Addictions: Opioids, Smoking Weed, Drinking Liqour
Phobias:Spiders and snakes





Examples: (Education, Hobbies, etcc)
Education: Dropped out in the 9th grade
Hobbies:Rapping, Gambling,


Examples: (Family/Friends)
Father: Javoni Mitchell(deceased)
Mother: Kyra Mitchell
Brother: Javoni Mitchell Jr.
Cousin: Carmelo Wilkens

Tayvon Mitchell grew up on the southside of Chicago, the 600 block a predominantly African American neighborhood controller by "Black Disciples" AKA "BD's" . Tayvons father and older brother were BD's , his father being "Javo600" brother being "JavoSixDoubleO" . 600 is a subset of the BD's amongst the southside of Chicago. Tayvon growing up with friends, family, and nothing but gang violence around him he followed. As a young kid it started as small fights at school on the playground and slowly led to more violent acts, by the time Tayvon was 13 he was put on by the BD's, 600 to be exact. 600 was known to be a well known BD gang in Chicago, members of Parkway Gardens often associated themselves with members of 600. This would start as street beef and slowly become money as they started to rap about their lifes, Tayvon picked up on rapping as a young kid hed hang around LA Capone, D rose, and his cousin Carmelo(Melo600) giving him the name "Tayvo600". At the age of 14 Tayvon got locked up for a stolen vehicle charge and evading, He was on house arrest until 15 when he began taking rap serious, dissing his opps, and trying to get out the hood. On Tayvons 18th birthday 3 armed gunmen ran into a corner store killing his father, who was a well known BD from the 600 block. This sparked a rage from Tayon and the rest of 600 leading to them allegedly killing 3, 051 money gang members within a 6 month time span. With the city being hot Tayvon looked for outs, he found a city called El Reno offering new opportunity so he took it. He bought plane tickets for him and his cousin Melo and they moved.

How do they react to stressful situations?
Tayvon has been in many stressful situations, when there is no cops involved theres not much worry for him, he keeps his head on a swivel and pays attention to whats going on, but once cops are involved in he may be more paranoid or timid.

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