Takumi "Ghost of Akina" Fujiwara

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Character Overview 

Name: Takumi Fujiwara

Date of Birth: 9/7/2003

Gender: Male

Personality and Alignments 


  • Chaotic good

Strengths and Weaknesses

Examples: Mental/Physical Skills:

Mental/Physical Skills: Very Commited

Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): Tends to become Mentally Unstable in High Pressure Situations

Greatest Advantage: Pretty Good Driver, Can stay Calm even in Uncalm Situations

Greatest Vulnerability: Family and Friends

Ailments Addictions or Bad Habits: Tends to do Dumb Shit without thinking

Phobias: Snakes and Spiders


Education: Graduated from the German Military School with only 17 Years Old

Hobbies: Driving, Law Enforcement, Military, Guns



Father: Bunta Fujiwara 

Mother: Unknown

Recently came out of a Relationship

Friends: Leon Black


Growing up Takumis Mother was never around only his Father who was an Abusive Alcoholic. Takumi fought himself through Life without the Help of his Father Bunta. At Age 14 Takumi started to Deliver Tofu for his Fathers Business in his Fathers Car which he later started to Street Race in. Takumi Left Japan at Age 16 to sign up for the German Military where he Graduated at the Age of 17. He got into the Paratrooper Unit of the German Military tho at the Age of 20 he got Medically discharged for beeing Mentally Unstable. Takumi has tried to Restart ever since.

How do they react to stressful situations?

Takumi tends to stay Calm tho if that doesnt work anymore he can easily lose his shit mostly ending in a lot of Pain

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