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Character Overview 

Name: Sebastian von Blücher

Date of Birth: 12/1/1994

Gender: Male


Personality and Alignments 

Traits:  Honorable, Loyal, Respectful, Cautious, Upbeat

  • Neutral good


Strengths and Weaknesses

Mental/Physical Skills:  Self-Defense, Weaponry, Driving (self-taught), Fitness

Weaknesses: Becomes uncontrollable when friends are in danger

Greatest Advantage:  Adapts to new surroundings well

Greatest Vulnerability: Overprotective of Friends.


  • Several concussions from amateur racing, 2010
  • Left Leg Broken from Fast Rope related fall, 2014
  • Minor Back Injury from Parachute landing in adverse winds, 2015
  • Gunshot wound, left shoulder, right arm, full recovery, 2016
  • Several Injuries resulting from rock splinters caused by RPG fire, 2016
  • Gunshot wound, flesh wound in right leg, 2017
  • Minor burns and contusions resulting from roll over car accident, 2018

Bad Habits:  Overly Trusting at times, Bad Stress Management

Phobias:  Failure, An overwhelming feeling of Loneliness




  • Graduate, U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Dual-Qualified Pilot, 2014
  • Graduate, SWCS, 2016
  • Business Administration (BA) University of New Malverne, 2023


  • U.S. Army - Enlisted 2013 MOS-153a 
  • U.S. Army - Hon. Discharge 2022 as CWO3, 18A 
  • New Malverne Nat. Guard. 2022 - Jan 2024
  • NMDPS Officer 2022 - Current
  • NMDOC 2023 - Current
  • New Malverne Armory - Salesman


  • Flying, Driving Fast, Target Shooting


Mother:  Mary Louise Gardner(1967 - 2018)

Father:  Heinrich von Blücher (1963 - 2021)

Sister: Samantha (2001 - 2018)


 An East German national, Heinrich von Blücher always felt out of place.  With a family name denoting a long and honorable history of family military service, the crooked and flawed regime that ruled in East Germany during his childhood was a far cry from the high Prussian morals that Heinrich cherished.  As soon as his compulsory service was over, he left his homeland during the mass expulsions of dissidents in 1985.  Finally settling in the United States, Heinrich enlisted in the U.S. Army and gaining naturalized American citizenship in 1987.  Wanting to push himself and excel, he volunteered for the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School to join who he saw as the elite of the elite, the Green Berets.  Along the way he met and married Mary Louise, a school teacher who he met as the sister of a fellow Green Beret in training.  Serving until 2008, Heinrich and Mary Louise had two children, Sebastian, named after one of Heinrich’s uncles, and Samantha, named after Mary Louise’s grandmother.

Sebastian was raised in a military household by a man disciplined with ten generations of honorable military service.  As such his sense of duty predates the founding of his country.  With his fathers will and his mothers thirst for knowledge, the expectations were set high for young Seb.  Enlisting at the age of 17, his excellent testing and preparation from his father allowed him to join as a Rotary Wing Aviator.  Throughout his military career, Seb completed several qualification courses including eventual graduation from the John F Kennedy Special Warfare School, with his own father serving as a Cadre and proud father for his son.

Always a protective sort, Seb and his mother were driving his sister to a prospective college tour in Pennsylvania when a drunk driver cut across the road and slammed into the car, throwing the car down a steep embankment and rolling over several times, resulting in traumatic injuries to all three, eventually proving fatal as both Mary Louise and Samantha succumbed to their injuries while Seb was still in a medically induced coma.

After the long recovery from his injuries, Seb was then faced with the loss of his father, who passed a little of over a year after the accident, Heinrich ostensibly dying in a hunting accident while solo trekking the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  With this Seb was faced with a crossroads in his life, having lost his purpose as a protector and guardian of his family.  He resolved to make himself anew.  

Moving to New Malverne, he decided to dedicate himself to public service, being honorably discharged in 2021 and continuing his service in the New Malverne Army National Guard.  Enrolling as an officer in the NMDPS, he was trained originally as a K9 officer but then transferred in late 2023 back to Patrol after his acceptance into the New Malverne SRT team as an operator.  In addition to this he was also trained as a Corrections Officer with the NM Department of Corrections where he currently holds the rank of Sergeant.  On his off hours he often spends time at the New Malverne Armory, where he works part time as a salesman.  He enjoys spending his time with his fellow employees of NMA but most especially his SRT Teammates, especially Kamron Park, Lucas Reynolds, their respective spouses, Brandon Shepard, and Alex Starks.


How do they react to stressful situations?

Sebastian responds with a measured and calculated response, the result of years of military service and intensive training, but is not adverse to violence due to personal and professional trauma.

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