Ryan Reeses

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Name:Ryan Reeses


Date of Birth:12/4/1998






Weight: 🤫

Gender: Male

Personality and Alignments 

Chaotic Neutral:


Strengths and Weaknesses

Mental/Physical Skills: Getting things done and not getting shot at
Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): Losing everyone he cares
Greatest Advantage: Has a cool look
Greatest Vulnerability: Trusting someone really quick or learn a thing or two before trusting him
Addictions or Bad Habits:Smoking and Drinking
Phobias: Getting hurt or killed


High School:Graduated
College:Dropped out



Phillp Reeses:Father (Shot and killed  by Ryan)

Sarah Reeses:Mother (Divorced from Phillp)\


Cherry Sweetheart (A good friend to Ryan)

Benedict Barley (A good friend to Ryan)


Ryan Reeses was born to Phillp Reeses and Sarah Reeses after his mom  separated from his dad and filed a divorce he was drinking and partying in high school graduated after after doing college he wants to be a criminal and then he was making mistakes with the wrong crowd and suddenly Ryan murderers his father after finding out he was part of a gang after finding out about his fathers murder Ryan  ran away to a new town El Reno On the West Coast and then he met Cherry Sweetheart and Benedict Barley who ran the gang and then became good friends ever since he moved to the City Of El Reno. He’s a regular of the gang the OG and someday whoever joins the Gang he’ll give them some advices and making sure they don't end up dead or caught if he does he’ll be killing them

How do they react to stressful situations?

Trying not to hurt anyone close to him

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