Roséanne Lumi

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Character Overview 

Name: Roséanne "Rosie" Lumi

Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1998

Gender: Female

Personality and Alignments 

  • Chaotic good


Positive: Driven, focused, kind, forgiving

Negative: Self-critical, distant, distrustful


Family: Maria Tano (mother), Piérre Lumi (father)

Friends: Ryan Hendrix


Roséanne Lumi, also nicknamed Rosie by her family and close friends, is a 25 year old female who is the daughter to Ms. Maria Tano and Mr. Piérre Lumi. Maria Tano was an Australian medical professional who was employed with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). Her location often changed due to her profession, and she was never in the same place for more than 12 months at a time. Eventually, she was stationed in France where she met Roséanne's father, Piérre Lumi. Piérre Lumi was a blind French violinist who was first chair in an orchestra. Piérre was blinded in elementary school when he was involved in an accident where a glass window being installed in the apartment complex overhead was not secure, and fell shattering in front of young Piérre causing glass fragments to get in his eyes. While originally planning to take over his father's law firm, his severe injury prevented him from staying on track in school and struggled with motivation. He found solace in music, with his eyesight gone his hearing improved immensely and eventually took to practice the violin, and piano. He would listen often to orchestra performances and focus on music scores in movies where he realized his dream was to pursue music. Maria fell in love with Piérre's music when she attended his orchestral performance and that was the start of their story; however, they never married but were nonetheless more than content with their lives together. 

Roséanne was born out of wedlock, as her parents never married, while her mother was in Australia conducting herself as a doctor travelling abroad. Roséanne was placed into a boarding school when her mother had to travel for work and her father was often too busy. She developed an independence at a young age and relied only on herself. She thinks of herself as a "lone wolf" and finds it easier to keep it that way to avoid being hurt. When she was entering middle school, her parents decided it would be best to move to the United States. She lost her Australian accent to attempt to fit in better with the kids around school. She eventually attended college where she studied psychology; she wanted to become a criminal investigator in her future. A job that offered her the opportunity to settle down in one location, one city, one focus. She wanted nothing more than stability, and after obtaining her degree in psychology she worked as a psychiatric nurse for her university hospital. Eventually realizing she wanted to help people more, she applied to and was accepted at the NMDPS Metropolitan Police Division as a Sergeant in the Investigations Division due to her prior knowledge in psychology, forensics, and good documentation practice. While completing her orientation, she became best friends with Mr. Ryan Hendrix, who is a K9 handler within the MPD. 

Rosie looks forward to her future adventures she will experience in her new life here. 

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