Rebekah Giordano

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Name: Rebekah Giordano


Date of Birth:  May 18, 1999


Gender: Female


Style: Rebekah's style exudes an edgy, urban vibe, ripped jeans, and bold accessories. She often sports tattoos and piercings, adding to her rebellious appearance.


Traits: Fierce, independent, quick-tempered, determined


Alignments: Chaotic neutral


Mental/Physical Skills: Rebekah possesses excellent street smarts, sharp intuition, and remarkable resilience. Physically, she is agile and possesses basic combat skills.


Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): Despite her street smarts, Rebekah lacks formal education and can be impulsive, leading to risky decisions. She struggles with trusting others and tends to isolate herself emotionally.


Greatest Advantage: Rebekah's fearlessness and resourcefulness enable her to navigate dangerous situations with relative ease.


Greatest Vulnerability: Her inability to form deep emotional connections and her constant battle with anger management issues pose significant vulnerabilities.


Ailments: None


Addictions or Bad Habits: Rebekah has a penchant for nicotine and occasionally indulges in recreational drugs to cope with stress.


Phobias: Fear of abandonment and failure drives much of her behavior.


Education: Rebekah's education was disrupted by her tumultuous upbringing and involvement in criminal activities. She possesses street smarts but lacks formal schooling.


Career: Rebekah operates on the fringes of legality, engaging in various criminal activities to make a living. She is a founding manager of the Vanilla Unicorn, a gentlemen's club, which serves as a front for illicit dealings.


Hobbies: Rebekah is passionate about motorcycles, cars, and the adrenaline rush of living life on the edge. She enjoys working on engines and customizing vehicles in her spare time.


Rebekah Giordano was born into a close-knit Italian American family in the vibrant city of New York. Rebekah grew up surrounded by secrecy and illicit activities. Her parents were influential figures within a powerful crime syndicate, ensuring that Rebekah was exposed to the darker side of life from an early age. However, life took a turn when tragedy struck. A sudden accident claimed the lives of Rebekah's parents, leaving her orphaned at a young age. This heartbreaking event forced Rebekah to face adversity and navigate the challenges of growing up without the guidance of her beloved parents and her rebellious spirit led her down a dangerous path as she embraced the criminal lifestyle.

                Despite her family's expectations for her to follow in their footsteps, Rebekah carved her own path within the criminal underworld once they were gone. She could have chosen to take over the “family business” but it only reminded her of her parents. With a sharp mind and a knack for strategy, she quickly gained a reputation for her cunning and resourcefulness. Her criminal activities ranged from smuggling and racketeering to high-stakes heists.

Rebekah became skilled in navigating the complexities of the criminal hierarchy, earning the trust and respect of both allies and rivals. Her charisma and ability to stay one step ahead of law enforcement added to her mystique. However, the criminal life came at a cost. Betrayals, vendettas, and dangerous alliances became part of Rebekah's everyday existence. Despite the chaos, she remained fiercely loyal to her family and those she considered allies.

The criminal world became her life, and she was always planning her next move. As law enforcement closed in on her operations, Rebekah faced numerous close calls and evaded capture through a combination of wit and ruthlessness. Rebekah only has a few people she can genuinely trust when she needs it, and she likes her small circle.


How do they react to stressful situations?


In stressful situations, Rebekah's instincts kick into overdrive, propelling her into a state of heightened awareness. She thrives on the adrenaline rush of danger, her senses sharpening as she calculates every move with precision. Yet, beneath her steely facade lies a tempest of emotions—a volatile mix of anger, fear, and defiance. While she may project an aura of invincibility, Rebekah's inner turmoil threatens to consume her from within. In the face of adversity, she meets fire with fire, confronting her demons head-on with unwavering resolve.

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