Mike Zavala, 25

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Character Overview Name: Mike Zavala

Date of Birth: 9/8/1998

Gender: Male

Height: 69 Inches

Weight: 195

Style: When off duty where's casual clothing like Blue Jeans, T-Shirt and jacket.

Personality and Alignments Traits: Loyal, Kind, Humorous, Ambitious, Honest, Humble, Compassion, Reliable.

Alignments: Lawful good, Neutral good

Strengths and Weaknesses Mental/Physical Skills: Communication, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking.

Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): Public Speaking

Greatest Advantage: Problem Solver Greatest

Vulnerability: Kindness taken as weakness.

Ailments Addictions or Bad Habits: N/A

Phobias: Sharks

Lifestyle Education: (BS Sociology) (BS Criminology)

Career: SGT. for Metropolitan Police Department

Hobbies: Hunting, Car Rides, Camping, Shooting.

Relationships N/A

Mother: Isabella Zavala

Father: David Zavala

Siblings: Ricardo Zavala, Ava Rodriguez

Extended Family: N/A

Backstory: Mike grew up in Los Angeles where he was born. His parents were both migrants that came to America to get away from the drugs and murder in Sinaloa Mexico. Mikes father worked as a mechanic and his mother worked as an EMT. Mike went to school and graduated from Woodrow Willson Highschool. Growing up Mike was exposed to gangs and drugs. Mike never used or gangbanged himself, but he seen how they operated. Mike took an interest in Law Enforcment at the young age of 12. He lived in the ghetto part of town due to the cost of living and his parent's wages. He seen a shooting happen down the street from his house and witnessed Law Enforcement respond and take control of the situation and save the victims life. He knew that was something he wanted to do when he was older. After Graduating Highschool Mike decided to go to college to further his knowledge and gain leverage on becoming a Police Officer. He was accepted into California State University where he gained two degrees in (BS Sociology) (BS Criminology). Mike Graduated at 22 years old and decided he wanted to get away from California. He searched on the internet for good states to live in where he came across a state called New Malverne. He decided he was going to take the chance and move to New Malverne and apply to be a Police Officer for the Metropolitan Police Department. He applied and went through the intense hiring process and was hired where he exceled in all of his testing for pre-employment and at the Academy. He started his journey as a normal Police Officer where he worked his way up in the ranks becoming a Sergeant where he helps train new recruits and help existing Officers in the field.   


How do they react to stressful situations? Mike will always react to stressful situations with a calm attitude and will use critical thinking and resort back to what his training has taught him. 

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