kyle davis

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Name: Kyle Davis 

Date of Birth: 09/18/1999

Gender: male

Personality and Alignments 

neutral evil

Strengths and Weaknesses

mechanically inclined 
visual learner 

functioning  acholic 

Lifestyle: dropped out of high school during senior year and ended up working for his father at a mechanic shop with a very bad drinking problem

likes to shoot guns at the gun range when not work and going to bars and grabbing a few drinks 

riding harleys around town and or thru the mountain back roads 



anthony davis - father (alive)

shellie davis - mother (deceased  

Backstory:  Born September 18th, 1999 in the bathtub of a brand new single wide trailer right outside of a town named Las Vegas. When Davis was just a boy, he and the other kids in the trailer park would venture into the city. The kids would hang out near the Diner on 12th street, that's where Davis's mom worked. It didn't take long before the group of boys were approached by gangs of older boys trying to coax them into petty crimes. Kyle always felt uneasy in situations that would put him on the wrong side of the law. It wasn't a fine or jail time he was afraid of... It was Mama. Davis knew good'n'well that Mama would tear that ass up more than any police officer would have. As Kyle got older, his interest in the Police became stronger and stronger. Through some time he started to recognize that some of the boys in blue didn't have the public's best interest at heart. John joined the force in May of 2007 with Captain Sturgel at the helm, a long trusted mentor of Kyle's. Together they were able to weed out the bad eggs in the department and gave a new meaning to "Protect & Serve". That is, until the Mafia put an end to their noble campaign. The Mafia threatened to hurt his friends and family if he didn't leave town. Here is Kyle Davis, a noble man in a new city, looking to help the common folk and just do a little good... for Mama.

How do they react to stressful situations? 
can and will get violent if provoked  by someone he feels on edged 

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