Kamron Park

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Character Overview:

Name: Kamron Park

Date of Birth: May 17, 1996

Gender: Male


Personality and Alignments:

  • Lawful good 


Strengths and Weaknesses:

Mental/Physical Skills: Excellent marksmanship, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, proficient in tactical maneuvers


Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): Sometimes overly confident, yet still humble.


Greatest Advantage: Fearlessness and quick thinking under pressure


Greatest Vulnerability: Tendency to take unnecessary risks



Education: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice


Career: SRT Team Leader, Police Officer at Metro PD, Employee at New Malverne Armory, Flight Instructor


Hobbies: Semi-Professional Racing, Firearms training, Flying



Mother: Soojin Park, a retired school teacher


Father: Minho Park, a small business owner


Siblings: None


Extended Family: Close-knit relationship with his grandparents and a few cousins




Kamron Park was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, to Korean immigrant parents who instilled in him a strong work ethic and a sense of duty to his community. From a young age, Kamron displayed a natural talent for leadership and a fearless attitude. His fascination with law enforcement and firearms began early, often spending weekends at shooting ranges with his father.


After completing his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Kamron moved to Miami, Florida where he trained to become a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, after 3 years at FHP he moved to El Reno, New Malverne and joined the New Malverne Department of Public Safety.  Quickly earning a spot on the Special Response Team (SRT) unit. His bravery and quick reflexes in high-stakes situations earned him respect among his peers, then earning him the spot of team leader.


Outside of his duties as a police officer, Kamron found fulfillment working part-time at the New Malverne Armory, where he honed his expertise in firearms and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with customers. His passion for speed led him to become a licensed flight instructor, spending weekends soaring through the skies and racing in semi-professional circuits.


In his personal life, Kamron has been married to Vanessa, a dedicated hospital director, for over a year. Their relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding, though their demanding careers often put strain on their plans for the future. Despite the challenges, they remain committed to each other, supporting one another through life's ups and downs.


As Kamron navigates the complexities of his career and personal life, his ultimate goal is to transition to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) as an investigative agent, where he believes he can make an even greater impact in combating crime and serving justice.


How do they react to stressful situations?


In stressful situations, Kamron remains remarkably calm and focused, relying on his extensive training and natural instincts to assess the situation and take decisive action. His confidence borders on cockiness, but it serves him well under pressure, often inspiring those around him to stay composed in the face of danger. However, his impulsive nature can sometimes lead him to take unnecessary risks, putting himself and others in danger.

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