Jason Hoover

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Name: Jason Hoover

Date of Birth: 05/19/1992

Gender: Male

Personality and Alignments 



  • Chaotic neutral

Strengths and Weaknesses

Mental/Physical Skills: Has a great understanding of the underground world.

Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): Has a slight fear of spiders and a drinking problem.

Greatest Advantage: With a great understanding of the undeworld comes a great amount of CQC and firearm trainging.

Greatest Vulnerability: Money will cloud Jasons judgement.

Ailments Addictions or Bad Habits: Drinking and drug problems.

Phobias: has a slight fear of spiders.


Jason Hoover lives a very thugish life on Grove street. Not being very highly educated he has grown to know the streets better than anything.


All known relatives have passed away.

Backstory: Jason Hoover was born in El Reno growing up on the South Side of the City. His father being Jacob Hoover, he grew up in the underworld following his fathers footsteps. Once Jason turned 24 his father had passed away after going on a vacation to get a break from the city. While his father was away he had passed away due to a heavy drug overdose. After Jason found out about his father and attended his funeral along side Jacob Hoover's right hand man. Dutch Mangrove. Dutch had taken Jacobs place as leader of GSD (Grove Street Disciples) after Jacob had passed and Jason swore his loyalty to Dutch and to stand by him until the end. Dutch and Jason proceeded to continue building GSD's reputation in El Reno to hopefully one day make his father proud. 

How do they react to stressful situations?

Jason Hoover has a very short temper and will strike when least expected.

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