Freya Foxy

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Freya Foxy 2 weeks

Let me start off by introducing myself, My name is Freya Foxy. I come from a mixed race family also my family has lived their lives way different then I did what I mean by this is my mom and dad are both black but I came out more white then they did people always made fun of me so I had to learn how to stick up for myself. As I grew up my parents put me through self defense classes but as I got older I really questioned my relation to my parents so I begged them to do some tests they finally agreed just to find out the ones that raised me wasn't my blood parents I cried so hard but I still love then as they were my blood. As days passed I began to fall into the wrong crowd my parents saw me fading away they tried to get me help that never worked at all. I got myself so deep I then joined a gang I did some really bad stuff the final straw was when I was forced to rob a bank at gun point and when it was time to flee who I thought was my friend left me to take the fall. I got arrested and my parents made a deal with the judge to instead of jail time I get enlisted in the army to learn the right way to life after a 5+ good years of serves they released me from service where I have made a promise to stay clean and away from that life so I had to pack up and move to build a whole new life so here I am hoping to make a better life for myself in this beautiful city.

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