Dutch Mangrove

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Character Overview Name: Dutch Mangrove

Date of Birth: 03/11/20

Gender: male

Height: 6Ft

Weight: 175LBs

Style: (Exterior Presentation) Gangbanger:Urban:Heavily Tattoed

Personality and Alignments Calm respectful unless angry or disrespected

Traits: (More than one!) Examples of Character Traits Funny, likes to party, also money motivated. Loyal to a fault

Alignments: Chaotic evil

Strengths and Weaknesses Mental/Physical Skills: Is Use to dealing with cops and high pressure situations: is use to working with guns and weapons growing up in El Reno Ghettos

Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): Can loose track of whats really important when angered or disrespected. Isnt the greatest hand to hand fighter but learns from mistakes

Greatest Advantage: ability to remain Low-key if needed, has no problem flying under the radar

Greatest Vulnerability: Loyalty to his Gang

Ailments Addictions or Bad Habits: Drugs and Alcohol

Phobias: None really

Lifestyle Education: NONE HS drop out

Career: No Legal Career

Hobbies: Hanging out with the gang, motorcycles and fast cars

Relationships Mother: Crystal Reese(Deceased)

Father: Herbert Mangrove(Deceased)

Siblings: None hes aware of yet.

Backstory: Dutch was born in el reno growing up in the Southside of the city, he learned quick the money ruled the streets and hes was willing to do almost anything for it.. Learning alot from the people around him he did odd jobs for his neighborhood friend, being a look out for cops at first for the Drug Dealers on the corners, but eventually found himself doing more and more. Learing how to steal cars, sell drugs and other means of making illegal money. After both his parents were killed by stray rounds from a driveby in the neighborhood, Dutch Moved to Chicago to try to make a new life. Years pass and Dutch start doing jobs for gangs around the area meeting Jason Hoover. Doing jobs with Hoover they each earned each others trust and friendship. But Hoover wanting a new scene, mentioned moving, so Dutch explained the city he came from years ago, and how it might be time for a trip back.....

 How do they react to stressful situations? usually thoughtful but can fly off the handles quickly.

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