Daniel Winters (Danny) AGE:27

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Daniel Winters (Danny) was born in Fairhope Alabama on December 28th 1996. At an early age of 7 on December 14th both of his parents were killed by a drunk driver. Danny would then go to live with his aunt until the age of 10 when she would die of an overdose. From there Danny would bounce around the system getting into trouble and breaking rules wherever he could. At the age of 16 Danny found himself in a Juvenile Detention for stealing his Foster dads car. It was at this point a Army recruiter by the name of Agustus offered him a chance at a new future.  

As soon as Danny turned 17 he joined the Army and shipped out to basic. Danny would then go to airborne and sniper school before deploying at 18 years old. Danny would serve 3 tours in a variety of positions. 3 months before his discharge, Danny would be struck by an enemy sniper in the right arm. After his recovery he would leave the army and move back to Fairhope where he would find employment as a security guard at night. 

After 6 months working as a guard, he was fired for sleeping on the job. He would then go on to work as a 911 operator until he was fired for cursing at someone on a call. Out of options and money, Danny turned to the streets where he felt most at home since his childhood. It wasn't hard for Danny to find a car to rob or a purse to steal. While stealing a wallet from a couple walking by, Danny would get caught and end up in the hospital with a black eye and broken ribs. After getting out of the hospital and not having money nor a ride, Danny flagged the only person he saw in the lot to ask for help. 

Danny was not always a fan of the police but he did know they would help him. When Danny asked for a ride back to the peer where he would sleep, the officer agreed to help him. On the road to the peer, the officer questioned Danny about his life and what led him to get hurt. Danny, seeing no reason to lie or hold anything back, told the officer everything that had happened since he joined the army. After Danny was done talking, he turned and looked at the officer and waited for a response but the officer was as silent as the night around them. The officer then pulled into a motel and stopped the car. He showed Danny his tattoo on his arm showing where he served in the marines and said he wanted to help Danny get on his feet. 

 Danny was very hesitant on letting officer Williams help him but after thinking on it, decided he didn't have any other options. Officer Williams would get Danny a room that night and tell him to apply to the Fairhope police department in the morning and he would help him. The next morning Danny would apply for a cadet position with the department with Officer Williams help.Over the next few weeks Officer Williams would provide a place for Danny and take him to the gym with him to prepare him for the academy. After 3 weeks of conditioning and interviews, Danny would finally get the position of cadet and start training. 

Two weeks after completing his FTO phase, Officer Williams while responding to a call for service would be struck head on by a drunk driver. Danny would be one of the 3 units who would respond and find Officer Williams and find him DOA. Danny would then check on the other driver with 3 empty bottles of booze and find him alive and in need of medical services. After pulling the driver out of the car, Danny would punch the driver in the face until he was pulled off of him by a sergeant and another officer.

2 years later, Danny found himself accepted onto the Mothers Against Drunk Driving task force where he vowed each day to be vigilant and stop drunk drivers. Danny would go on to receive the MADD award for most drunk drivers arrested in august 2023. Danny would decide that it was time to leave Fairhope and look at the map in his office. He decided he wanted more action and more police work. He looked at the map and one city stood out. He made a few calls and ended up applying to the Metropolitan Police Department in New Malverne. 


After applying and completing the interviews Danny would be accepted into the department but would have to redo the academy due to training qualifications. After completing the academy, Danny would go on to Field training where he is currently working on stage 3. Danny wants to continue his mission against drunk driving and join the traffic division one day. 


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