Christopher Blanchert

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Character Overview

Name: Christopher Blanchert

Date of Birth: 05/15/1995

Gender: Male

Personality and Alignments 

Lawful good 






High School Diploma, South Mountain High School

Associates Degree – Business Management and Informational Technology, South Mountain Community College


Officer, New Malverne Metropolitan Police Department


Car enthusiast, Avid gamer, Community activist


Grandmother – Diann O’Donnell

Mother – Christine Hennessy

Father – Manny Blanchert



Christopher’s life has been a series of ups and downs, growing up in a small town in Arizona, Christopher seemed to have very few who understood him. His two childhood friends, Matt and Antone Rabini were the only truly friends he has ever known, Christopher has not always been the healthiest individual growing up, an asthmatic and overweight child he felt lost growing up in a split household but there is one thing he wanted, he felt a calling at an early age of public service and in a act of trying to bring that calling to fruition attempted to join the Metro Fire and Polic High school Academy. To no avail, Christopher was rejected due to his health problems and entered an early depression, his life would feel empty if it were not for a few saving graces in his teenage years.

Christopher’s early life as a teenager was bleak, not doing well in any particular area in his studies throughout High School. Christopher was selfless to a fault, often falling into pranks and being taken advantage for his willingness to go out of his way, whether monetary or in his actions, doing whatever he was told as long as he could improve someone else’s life or struggles, the only true saving grace were his Childhood friends Matt and Antone company and that of his mentor’s in his JROTC class, being often laughed at for his passion for the class and being called a “fat pickle” whenever he wore his uniform. Christopher made it his goal to better himself mentally and physically, with the help of his instructors and surprisingly enough his seniors in class, within 3 years Christopher had never felt better in his life, seemingly having his asthma dissipate over the years, and now with more confidence than ever. This would be the start of Christopher finding where pursuing his passion for public service would be best satisfied.

Christopher’s first attempt to fulfill his sense of duty for public service was the military, after finishing his Associate’s degree he decided to enlist. Unfortunately, due to his history of asthma and spinal injuries received during his high school years and journey to healthier living seemed to be the same thing that had prevented him from service to his country. Christopher decided to start fresh, after spending four years in Georgia. Christopher found a unique opportunity in the state of New Malverne. Christopher has never felt a more safe haven for his passions and feels that his sense of duty for selfless and public service has been fulfilled these last two years as a Law Enforcement Officer, life as an LEO in New Malverne has seemingly brought to light Christopher’s leadership potential and knack for handling high stress situations. His newest opportunity as a Metro Officer in the city is his newest challenge and thus a new chapter of his career begins…

How do they react to stressful situations?

Christopher responding to stressful situation as calm and collected, Christopher will always try to find a mutually beneficial outcome but never at the cost of his colleagues.

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