Calvin Hobbs: 29

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Name: Calvin Hobbs

DOB: June 5, 1995

Gender: Male

Personality & Alignment: Neutral Good

Mental/Physical Skills: Calvin possesses excellent problem-solving skills, honed from his experiences and studies. He's physically fit, having learned self-defense techniques during his time in Oakland.

Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): Calvin struggles with trust due to the loss of his friend and the mystery surrounding his mother's disappearance. He can be impulsive when faced with emotional triggers.

Greatest Advantage: Calvin's determination to make positive changes in his community and his resourcefulness in solving problems.

Greatest Vulnerability: His unresolved emotional trauma and the need for closure regarding his friend's death and his mother's absence.

Ailments, Addictions, or Bad Habits: Calvin occasionally struggles with insomnia and has a tendency to overthink situations, leading to stress.

Phobias: Calvin harbors a fear of losing loved ones and a fear of being unable to make a difference in his community.

Lifestyle: Education: Calvin attended Alameda Community College for two years before pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Hobbies: Calvin enjoys reading, working out, playing basketball, and watching pro sports with a beer or two

Relationships: Family/Friends: Calvin's relationship with his father, Robert Hobbs, is strained due to the lack of communication about his mother's disappearance. He cherishes the memory of his best/ child hood friend, Tyrell Morrison, and is determined to seek justice for his unsolved murder.

Backstory: Calvin Hobbs grew up in Oakland, California, facing the challenges of inner-city life. His father, Robert Hobbs, a communications engineer, raised him after his mother, Guadalupe Murrieta, was deported when Calvin was just a toddler. The absence of his mother and the unresolved mystery surrounding her departure left a void in Calvin's life.

At the age of nine, Calvin witnessed the tragic death of his best friend, Tyrell Morrison, in a botched drug deal. Determined to make a difference and seek justice, Calvin channeled his grief into a desire to bring positive change to his community.

After graduating from high school, Calvin attended Alameda Community College but eventually decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. Unable to find opportunities in Oakland, he heard of openings in El Reno and decided to relocate there in search of a new beginning.

How do they react to stressful situations? Calvin tends to confront stressful situations head-on, relying on his training and instincts to navigate challenges. However, he can become emotionally overwhelmed, especially when confronted with reminders of his past traumas. Despite this, Calvin remains resilient, using his experiences to fuel his determination to enact change and seek justice.


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