Bubbles AGE: 20

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Character Overview 

Name: Bubbles Monroe

Date of Birth: 10/10/2002

Gender: Female

Personality and Alignments 

  • Chaotic Neutral

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Gossiping, Lack of fear

Weaknesses: Unawareness, Insensitive


Hobbies: Skating, Cloud watching

Education: None


Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown


Bubbles doesn’t remember much of her childhood, or adulthood to be in fact. Growing up as an orphan, she spent most of her times roaming the streets of London; becoming somewhat of a street socialite amongst the homeless and dark nightclubs. Maturing ahead of her time, Bubbles learnt to protect herself and her community. 

Bubbles winded up in New Malverne after losing a street bet of marbles with the appointed mayor of her street community, Malcolm. It was there she was placed into cargo, and left to find her feet on the streets of El Reno. 

How do they react to stressful situations?

Bubbles is quick to react with violence and aggression in stressful situations, often disregarding logic.

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