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Name: Alex Starks

Date of Birth: July 2nd, 1989

Gender: Female

Personality and Alignments 

Lawful neutral

Strengths and Weaknesses

Mental/Physical Skills: Athletic

Weaknesses: Surgically repaired right Femur, Can be volitile when loved ones are harmed

Greatest Advantage: Thinks things out 

Greatest Vulnerability: Short temper

Bad Habits: Alcohol

Phobias: Ataxophobia


Active, enjoys running and Crossfit 
Doesn't like being in large crowds for extended periods


Oscar Starks (Father, Deceased)

Mother Unknown 

Kyla Rose (Friend)

Vanessa and Kamron Park (Friends)

Osborne "Ozzy" Jones (Friend)

Tripp Anderson (Friend)


Since birth Alex's life has never been easy, even as an infant. Born to a father in the US Navy and a mother who disappeared just as soon as she was able to be discharged after her birth. She spent the first 3 months of her tiny life in a Neonatal ICU being helped to get her tiny body off the drugs she had no choice in being accustomed to thanks to her mother. She had no choice early on but to learn to fight for everything.

Something her father was always proud of, his little girl took no ones shit but she still had a heart gold so long as you made it past the great wall of Alex as he so put it. She aspired to follow in his footsteps into the Navy, she made it as far as Week 3 at the Great Lakes when that aspiration was brought to a halt the second she blacked out on a morning run then woke up in the infirmary being told she had an electrical abnormality within her heart. Good news? They could fix it and she could live a normal life. Bad news? A normal life doing anything BUT being in the Navy like she'd dreamed of to follow her fathers path.

So, she had no choice but to move on. She fell back onto a hobby she and her father had always shared. Cars. Working in body shops to help folks turn their dream cars into something unique, work she truly enjoys. Though she still feels something is missing. Being a Sailors kid gave her a desire to serve something bigger than herself that she never could quite shake and she wants to find a way to fulfil it somehow. Living in the small town of Emporia, Virginia she became close with many of the deputies in the town while working along side them in her time away from the shop during her free gig as a volunteer Paramedic. Often she would go on ride alongs in her spare time with them as she came to consider them family she never had aside from her dad. She felt she might be onto something as she enjoyed the thrill of full sending it at mach jesus on her way to calls, but.. She also hates small town living and while EMS was enjoyable, it wasn't quite her thing. They encouraged her to go through a Criminal Justice program which she did, becoming laser focused on obtaining her degree in Criminal Justice through online programs with larger universities and a local community college.

Shortly after earning her degree she joined the Sheriff's Office and learned the meaning of the phrase "if you do what you love, you never work a minute in your life". Though she could easily admit it got boring at times in a small town. After 6 years she set her eyes west towards a bigger agency and state ; San Andreas. Once she landed she started her search for employment and found it with the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, though again serving as a Deputy in a rural area she quickly found out that the criminal element bled into the county often and this was enough to compensate for years of noise complaints, missing farm animals. She'd earned the respect of her peers and her work ethic earned her the rank of Sergeant ; along the way making many friends amongst both the public and her colleagues.

After losing a very dear person in her life Alex would find herself Transferring to the larger Los Santos Police Department and dedicating herself to her role there instead of dwelling in hate and anger. She earned herself the rank of Captain before eventually taking her leave from the department thanks to the political views of state officials who didn't seem to care to punish offenders. In a turn of events she never envisioned Alex found herself married for some time before career goals between herself and her wife put strain between the two, though they both still love and care for one another Alex struggles to forgive herself for choosing work over the woman who made her life nothing short of a dream.

Alex found herself looking for new ventures in Law Enforcement after 8 years in San Andreas which landed her in New Malverne with her eyes set on the Mercer County Sheriff's Office. Since joining Law Enforcement in New Malverne Alex has since taken a path she'd never really thought she would in joining the Investigations Division and eventually running it as the Captain. Alex is presently employed with NMDPS and Volunteers with MCFR.

How do they react to stressful situations?

In a calculated and methodical manner, she prefers to find the best way of mitigating risk to anyone involved regardless of who they are. 14 years in Law enforcement helps.

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