Alex Menet AGE:33

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Alex Menet 4 months

Character Overview 

Name: Alexander Menet

Date of Birth: March 18th 1990

Gender: Male

Personality and Alignments 

  • Lawful good 

Strengths and Weaknesses


Good Work Ethic








Highschool Education

4 Years in The U.S. Army

Currently Serving in United States Army National Guard

Football Coach for local high school




Father: Kevin Menet

Mother: Ashley Menet

 Wife: Madison Menet

Daughter : Redacted

Friends : Carl Bruno, Vince McGarvey, Jordan Daniels, William Schmidt

Backstory: Alexander Menet was born on March 18th 1990 in Sacramento California and placed in a Foster Home. Alex was then adopted when he was 8 months old by his Mother and Father Kevin Menet and Ashley Menet. Alex grew up in a small town in Northern California where he was really into Sports and was the Starting Quarterback at his High School. After graduating High School Alex went to community college but soon dropped out deciding college wasn't for him. Alex went on to work at a Feed & Farm store back in his hometown for a few years. After working at the Farm and Feed Store he enlisted into the United States Army as a Motor Transport Operator and was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. Alex was deployed to Afghanistan in the early 2000's and served 2 tours overseas in the Middle East. After being deployed Alex was stationed at Fort Zancudo, New Malverne where he finished a second contract and exited Active Duty. Alex's Family decided they liked New Malverne so they stayed in New Malverne. Alex's Family back in California moved to New Malverne because they missed him and wanted to be close to their son. Alex then applied to local law enforcement and started his career in Mercer County Sheriff's Office. Alex has been employed as law enforcement for a few years now and is currently employed by New Malverne Department of Public Safety as a Wildlife Ranger.   

How do they react to stressful situations?

With Tact and a level head, Alex is very problem solving and uses this to his advantage in stressful situations.

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