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The purpose of this role in the community is to promote our streamers and help them grow their following while at the same time they help promote Novus in a positive way to their viewers and outside viewers on respective platforms. This program will be limited to certain individuals who will be interviewed for the position after applying. Novus has very high standards for roleplay and we expect the streamers who will be in this position to prioritize the quality of roleplay over the potential outcomes that may affect their characters.


Mission Statement: To enable content creators to bring top-tier quality RP and content to the community and subsequently help promote the Novus Roleplay Family on various streaming platforms and social media.



  1. You must be an active community member for at least 2 weeks. 
  2. You must have streamed Novus Roleplay on your channel at least 3 times in the past 2 weeks before applying for this. 
  3. You must have a good disciplinary record as a member of this community.


Perks for those chosen to be in the program: 

  1. A role for Novus Streamers which will put their name near the top by staff for exposure when they are streaming Novus. 
  2. A channel exclusive to Novus Streamers to post when they go live.
  3.  A role people can obtain that would alert them when Novus Streamers go live. This will help increase viewer count and exposure to your channel. 
  4. A priority channel for Novus Streamers to chat and discuss content ideas among themselves and staff members. This also is a place for streamers to chat with staff while streaming if they require RP assistance or staff intervention. 
  5. Support for unique story creation; streamers can assist/lead in facilitating unique, fun and realistic storylines that will entertain their viewership while contributing to the Novus vision. 
  6. Clips and videos featured in paid Novus Ads across certain social media platforms




  1. You may only stream GTA V roleplay on your channel if it is on Novus Roleplay. You do not promote other communities as a featured streamer. 


  1. You must be a person of integrity who has displayed that they prioritize roleplay over outcomes / winning. 


  1. You should try to mix up your content to an extent – Be creative and make interesting “throw-away” characters who can provide top-tier experiences for other community members. This is at the discretion of the content creator. 


  1. You should maintain a positive environment in your stream. You will not tolerate OOC hate towards members of our community (IC / on stream / or in your stream chat). This must be moderated to the best of your ability. 

  • The most important expectation: You will enthusiastically support Novus Roleplay and always look for ways to promote it through creative content creation. You must do your best to always maintain the attitude of “What RP can you Give to others around you to help better their experience” rather than “What RP can I get out of this or from others to better my experience?” 


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