Our Mission: To replicate real life in a game platform. We will always promote players to replicate real life and administrate in a way that keeps replication of real life at its core. Players can know they are free and supported in the free creation of their characters.

1. We are an adult community which means we have a player age requirement of 18+. Furthermore, we expect all players to act like respectful adults when dealing with other members.
2. You have have a working microphone and be able to speak clearly. If you RP as mute, you are expected to offer detailed /me information..
3. Unrealistic behavior or "trolling" is not allowed. All players are expected to separate IC situations from OOC. Players must contribute to a healthy environment, not letting issues leak out of gameplay.
4. We do not allow statements in the Discord or scenes within earshot of the greater public that involve certain words or phrases deemed to be "hate speech" - Find a list below.
5. No graphic or sexual content may be posted in our Discord.
6. For support of any kind, please submit a ticket or enter a support lounge. Avoid blurting requests out in our general chats or ruining game immersion.
7. NRP Staff is here to help you with verifiable rule violations and hold our roleplay environment to a realistic standard. We ask first that you attempt to work the issue out with the other player. A fair, mature, human discourse between two players often will lead to great results!


Terms and how we define them at Novus


Unlike first person shooters or other campaign type games, roleplay is meant to be a fair environment that desires a realistic outcome to a scene over one that brings home the "win" for a certain side. It is important you as a player keeps in mind the natural conclusion to a scene or storyline. Roleplay should never resemble Grand Theft Auto Online.

  • Keep roleplay scenes realistic. Engage in scenes that aim to replicate a real life experience. We challenge you to be creative. 
  • Using a game mechanic in bad faith to gain the upper hand in a scene is not allowed.
  • All players must give realistic roleplay to medical personnel. This includes responding to /me’s properly.  
  • “Fail Roleplay” means committing an unrealistic act; for example, your car rolling several times then not roleplaying injury. Making a choice with your character that exceeds reason or realism.
  • Doing any kind of vocal RP while “down” must be to enhance the realism of your injury only.
  • Players must emote using /me in scenes to increase detail. 
  • Players must initiate or have a storyline in the works before jumping to conflict. 
  • A character may only recall details following injury if they are assisted by medical staff or law enforcement. Even then, “specifics” should be roleplayed as “cloudy” or unknown.
  • Positive identification may not be done by voice.
  • Exploiting a bug or device for personal gain is not allowed.
  • View prohibited speech here.
  • Players must understand that IC criminal actions may come with the IC consequence of fines and jail time.
  • Acts of crime may have a maximum of (4) individuals unless organized in a pre-approved faction.
  • A 20-minute cooldowns exists between acts of crime.
  • When robbing a player you may not “wipe” their inventory. Players should not be killed to just “loot” – The purpose of a robbery is for roleplay not loot-play.
  • Crime should be done using realistic materials. For example, a crime should not be committed using a super-car.
  • Player-to-player crime may NOT occur during 3AM-10AM EST.
  • No major crime should be started 15 minutes before server restarts. 
  • Crimes against ‘locals’ or NPCs are viewed as serious. These crimes will be charged accordingly IC however jail time is reduced by half.
  • The Chesimard Rule: If you interact with police you must not escalate the situation in an unrealistic manner. For example, putting a hit out on an officer who just pulled you over for a simple traffic ticket.
  • Corruption – You may only be corrupt on your LEO character if you open a ticket and express the intent to staff before doing any corrupt actions. The corruption must be a part of your character’s backstory and have a developed character arc with the natural ending being arrest or death. Examples of corruption would be bribery, turning a blind eye to severe violations, giving or selling evidence, or giving up law enforcement knowledge. 
  • Players may not lie or act in poor moral fiber while in an on-duty capacity. 
  • Footage from a “bodycam” may only be used if you are wearing a bodycam on your person. Otherwise, recordings from a dash camera mounted in the patrol car are usable in 360degree.
  • All LEO players must adhere to their unit maximums as directed by a supervisor
  • Medical/Fire players may not offer their equipment to any unauthorized citizen. Healing may only be done at the hospital or in the field if the injury, when roleplayed properly, constitutes treatment in the field. 
  • In all policing including hostage negotiations, the goal of law enforcement is to protect life and property first.
  • Individuals in agency leadership may not engage in corruption roleplay.
  • Players may be blacklisted from first responder roleplay if they break OOC rules or roleplay in bad taste with others in the community repeatedly.
  • Digital goods accepted by Novus for placement in the server environment is viewed as a donation and is not subject to any demand for removal. 
  • All digital goods will not result in in-game currency being given or benefit to a specific character.
  • Your character name must be realistic and not a mirror of a famous person.
  • The character name may not be “trollish” like “Steven Bendover”
  • Players may not roleplay a character under the age of 18. A character may not attempt to appear under-aged or “child-like”
  • The vast majority of player owned businesses may only be owned by a character that is law abiding. This means in distress they would call the police, they keep their businesses operating with order and maintain the feeling of a “civilized society.”
  • In order to encourage realism, POBs must have a standard of dress if the business type would dictate it. For examples fast-food restaurants should have a unform and a mechanic shop some type of utility wear. 
  • A POB must keep up with sale records as assisted by staff.
  • POB owners must be active weekly in the server. If they cannot maintain activity staff should be notified.
  • POB owners must regularly keep up with outstanding job applications and be energetic with hiring.
  • A POB will be subject to a business license renewal along with other price controls. 
  • Faction members may engage in organized criminal scenes with up to (8) members assuming they are showing their gang colors. 
  • Access to hints or information will be granted. This info cannot be spread OOC to non-faction players.
  • In order to maintain faction organization, you must have (4) members.
  • A faction must maintain a minimum of (4) active players in the server.
  • Faction leaders must keep active register of all members.
  • During a faction war, faction members must be wearing their colors.
  • A (14) day grace period exists between all faction wars.
  • Factions must agree to war terms OOC before beginning. As gentlemen, the losing party should in a timely fashion overturn deal terms. 
  • A faction leader is responsible for their members. Each faction should have consequences for improper behavior both IC and OOC, if it goes against the “bylaws” or “rules” of the faction.
  • If repeated incidents of rule breaks or poor roleplay scenes are accumulated by the faction, it may be disbanded by staff. 

A member may submit a player report through the discord support center. Be sure to ask about the founder of Leesburg, Eddie Lee

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