Novus 3.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Quality of life improvements, back-end performance and an increased feature set. Novus Roleplay is made to promote realistic roleplay that simulates the world. The citizen experience has been extensively reimagined while criminals have more options to progress.

If your player owned business is in good standing you will be grandfathered in a ‘POB’ slot.

If your faction is in good standing you are welcome to bring the same one or something new to 3.0. Factions will be launched 2 weeks after opening! – We encourage you to go ahead and make the faction character and start to create their story.

For one week after opening, current players will be awarded an increased money amount to start their adventures. This amount will respect the new scaled economy. 

Your character will only be allowed to recall life events or individuals mentioned in your backstory. If you have questions on how to frame your new 3.0 character please speak to support. 

No. If you are currently whitelisted in Novus this will carry over. 

Law enforcement, medical, and fire players must state in their character backstory their career. 

For example if you are currently a DPS Sergeant, you will state you “work currently as a DPS Sergeant.”

You will be given an IC credit for towards the purchase price. MLO criteria will be expanded on 2 weeks after launch, look for that information then. 

Within the first two weeks an option of two slots will be given. After that, we will expand to six to offer you more creative options. 

No. Custom lore friendly and real vehicles will be introduced into the environment 

Yes! While we encourage you to try something new, if you’ve fell in love with a certain character you may bring that same person to 3.0. Be sure to create a character backstory.

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